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Yoga in Winter

It’s this time of the year when it’s getting cold and we look for warmth and coziness. In wintertime our muscles, joints and ligaments are colder and therefore are automatically stiffer. This can create chronic pain. Practicing active type of yoga or power poses stimulates blood circulation, increases heart rate and helps with mobility in tissues. This article suggests such poses for your home winter practice:

Incorporating deep breathing creates heat in the body and helps you to go deeper into poses. One of these energizing breathing techniques is called Kapalabhati where we focus on our exhale and we pump the stomach by pulling it in when we blast out the air. We will practice this technique during our classes, but feel free to youtube it whenever you feel like warming up. Please mind it’s not recommended to practice it when pregnant.

Winter season often affects our immune system. If you’ve got a cold already, it’s better to choose to do some restorative poses at home than active ones. That means holding a pose longer and breathing through it.

And of course don’t forget fuzzy socks and a shawl or blanket for your Shavasana to give you that extra snuggling feeling we all need in winter.

Happy yoga practicing! See you on the mat!

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