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I personally am a Believer. I pray, I feel, and I certainly strive. I am blessed to have loved ones, my free spirit and will. We all have time. How much neither of us know. Are we frightened of this? Are we oblivious? Are we just taking life as it comes? Would we have made more out of it if we knew the price or our time left? Or is it better not to know? Once you think about it, it does put things in perspective (or puts pressure). But hey at the same time, it makes all your senses so much more alive, so desperate to live it to the fullest. If you’ve ever been on the edge, you know life's worth and it makes you cherish the moments when you laugh, inhale the sweetest aromas or shed a happy tear. Life is simple and yet so beautiful, but only if you really pay attention.

Yoga and Mindfulness taught me to take my time, breathe, and appreciate my body, my mind, things and people around me - even if the times are tough. Oh no, I am not a saint - I kick back, argue, and cry. But once you acknowledge your emotions and calm down, you start reflecting... You are still alive, that means you have a chance to turn things around. Feel your experiences, grab them, learn from them! I know I am not the only person out there walking on eggshells in this pandemic situation, but guys guess what… we have a golden ticket in our hands. What are you going to do with it today? Open your heart, follow the calling and have faith. You are not alone. You are braver and stronger than you thought you were. Follow your destiny...

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