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Vitamins' Punch

The festive time of the year, cold weather and short light periods often mean we seek comfort food, binge eating and having a drink with not really much active movement. That can mean that our immune system is compromised. The question is how to balance out our festive indulgences with healthy habits?

As I mentioned before in class, even a 5 min Sun Salutation sequence in the morning can help you in creating heat, stretching and strengthening tissues, and overall kick starting your mornings on a positive note.

As for healthy eating habits, you might be interested in what Dr. Michael McGregor does with his team of volunteers in

Dr. McGregor takes the latest scientific research in nutrition, dissects it and explains it to us, common people. For example, this 1 smoothie a day can boost your immune system in this cold season and supply important nutrients to nourish your bodily systems without stopping your festive season appetite:

...and it’s also delicious. Really!

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