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Yoga and Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a process of being fully aware of what you are doing, how and where you’re doing it. It’s also an ability to recognize when your mind starts wandering away to other thoughts and gently bringing it back.

Why is it important to be mindful when practicing yoga?

Doing yoga mindfully means to focus your attention on how you are getting in a pose, how your body reacts to it (ex.: where your muscles stretch, if you feel any pain, etc.), what emotions you are experiencing. This understanding will greatly help you to learn more about yourself: where your body experiences aches, where you are tight or not, what relaxes you, etc.

If you are already quite aware of your own body, you can focus your attention on breathing through a challenging pose and noticing how breathing allows you to get deeper into the pose, how your muscles start to relax.

How can Mindfulness help me to progress in yoga?

Being aware of your own practice will open your eyes on what is easy for you to do and determine personal goals. It can help you to clear your mind so that you can solely focus on your practice and getting all yoga benefits.

What’s the difference between meditation and mindfulness?

Meditation is an umbrella term that involves practices that would bring you in the state of consciousness and concentration. To reach this state you can practice compassion, love, kindness as well as mindfulness. So in one word, mindfulness is a kind of meditation that can be practised in anything you do. Also, some describe meditation as awareness of inner life while mindfulness is awareness of outer life.

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