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Restorative break at your workplace

We are used to the idea of having a tea/coffee break or a lunch break at our workplace with several toilet breaks throughout the day. But they don’t ease desk bound aches and seem to be still not enough to have a clear mind and feel refreshed. And how many of us actually do work during our breaks not giving a chance to ourselves to “switch off”? Gobbling up a sandwich while finishing typing up a report or having a cup of tea while having an intense phone call with a client…

The truth is that for the sake of well-being of both our body and mind regular breaks are ESSENTIAL. Our body can cope with stress when it gets a REAL break.

So… a few tips to help you restore the balance. 

  • Allocate 5-10 min here and there to “reboot” yourself

  • Change your environment 

  • Go outside to have some fresh air and just observe what’s in front of you (yes, that means not being on your phone)

  • Have your snack/tea/coffee in a calm place 

  • Listen to some music maybe even with your eyes closed

  • Walk up and down the stairs to activate your blood flow

  • Find a calm place, something firm to sit on, close your eyes and just breathe... or listen to sounds around you

  • Have a stretch! It will greatly help ease aches and pains. You can find easy poses to do in your office here:

Simple things to do, right? But they will make such a big difference in your well-being on a daily basis… Take care of yourself guys!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the mat tomorrow!


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