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Group yoga classes are a perfect way to start your own journey into well-being to healthier and happier self.


We all have doubts in life. I see people who have them about yoga: about being a beginner, their body-image, not being flexible/strong enough to participate, aggravating old injury, not having time to commit, etc. The truth is that negative outlook creates negative mindset. Think of a positive change or a goal you want to achieve in a safe environment of same-minded people of your community.

Participating in group yoga is a step closer to:

  • feeling relief of chronic and stress-related aches and pains,

  • being in-tune with your body and mind

  • feeling balanced and peaceful 

  • being in control of own emotions

  • feeling good about yourself and feeling positive in general

  • having new supportive friends to have fun with on the mat and beyond

I am passionate about making you feel like at home: safe, welcome and relaxed.


In my classes I will teach you not only how to correctly hold a pose and activate your muscles, improving blood flow to tissues and releasing tension, but also how to be mindful of own body, the way it feels and what signals it sends you. Your body knows best what it needs and it is naturally able to heal itself with appropriate poses and deep relaxation. 

Relaxation is the crucial element of my yoga classes.


Multiple scientific studies have proved that relaxation can decrease the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone, as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. I use a variety of techniques including elements of aromatherapy and massage to relax your body and calm your mind. 


join us at the following locations for weekly classes


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Yoga Mat
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