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Life-work balance is an art of prioritizing things, making choices that make you happy and effective.


Our lives are so busy that a lot of us struggle to manage their time wisely, really evaluating their options and choosing the best one, not forgetting about own well-being. How many of us “eat on the go” trying to finish a work task during own lunch break? How many of us work long hours and are surprised that our mind is fuzzy, lacking great creative ideas? Or how many of us slouch staring at the screen of the computer for hours? Or multitask, worrying about deadlines and forgetting to get off the chair for prolonged periods of time? As a result, our muscles are tense and achy, short breathing created a headache and fatigue, our mind is blurry and it jumps from one task to another, and finally we feel stressed.


When technology starts glitching, we reboot it. People are not robots.


Your employees would be much more productive, creative, successful if they could switch off and reboot. Yoga classes at a workplace show fantastic results helping people all over the world to improve their physical and mental well-being, working capacity and life-work balance. It is so worth investing in your team to see your employees:

  • release stress & tension 

  • improve productivity & decision making abilities

  • boost creativity & learning capacity

  • ease desk bound aches 

  • boost mood

  • improve posture

My classes cater for mixed ability.


I work closely with you to create a bespoke package to suit the specifics of your workplace. Classes consist of a yoga class itself with research proved techniques of Mindfulness incorporated in the session and a guided relaxation with elements of aromatherapy and a little shoulder/neck massage. 

Employees leave yoga sessions feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and energized, with fresh perspective and clarity which is highly beneficial for them personally and for the success of your business!

Make a positive change today! Contact us to discuss the logistics of your bespoke office yoga program.

Anastasia Atre teaching corporate yoga in the office setting
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