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To deliver high quality accessible yoga to improve physical and mental well-being

yoga students on a rooftop practicing yoga
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Christmas yoga class



“Asante” means “thank you” in Swahili. In the core of our beliefs lie 3 beautiful words:​


for what we have, who we are and the opportunity to learn, grow and give back


to others, environment and especially kindness to ourselves


within ourselves


Anastasia Atre with her yoga teacher in India
Anastasia Atre smiling on the beach
Anastasia Atre doing a scorpion pose

Namaste! I'm Anastasia and thank you for visiting this website - guess we have at least 1 thing in common - YOGA! 


I was born in Washington D.C. but was blessed to call a few places home at different points of my life: Moscow, Houston, Ho Chi Minh city, London and now Guildford. Combining two of my biggest passions - traveling and teaching - I was able to explore more than 40 countries around the world teaching children at schools as well as teaching yoga.

I have been practicing different styles of yoga for more than 12 years now. I got my yoga teacher certification in Mysore, India and have been a registered member of Yoga Alliance (USA) as well as Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK). Being also a certified Mindfulness educator I've been teaching it to children and adults as well as implementing certain techniques in my yoga classes. 

Yoga helped me through a serious injury and maintains my mind clear and heart open for what life has to offer. I am truly excited to guide my students in achieving great health benefits through mindful yoga practice.

Come on this journey with me! 

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